About 2nd Opinions Only

With over 30 years of General Dentistry, Dr. Racich has decided to provide confidential, evidence-based dental 2nd Opinions to patients, dental health care providers, or acting as a third parties. In the theme of 2nd Opinions, Dr. Racich reviews the specifics of the dental situation and offer an unbiased, objective opinion as to the standard of care or give a case specific analysis – with no treatment solicitation. 

Please review Dr. Racich’s curriculum vitae found under About MJR section to support you in your choice. 

In sum, Dr. Racich submits 2nd Opinions in the areas:
  1. Single and Multi-Tooth Dentistry (basic concepts, materials, techniques)
    1. Fillings
    2. Crowns and bridges
    3. Root canals (endodontics)
    4. Cosmetic and esthetic dentistry
    5. Oral rehabilitation
    6. Prosthodontics (partial or complete dentures (fixed & removable)
  2. Implants
    1. Comparison of different systems
    2. Placement
    3. Grafting
      1. Soft tissue
      2. Hard tissue
  3. Occlusion
    1. Basic concepts & endpoints
    2. Equilibration
    3. Orthotics (nightguards & splints)
  4. Periodontics
    1. Basic care
    2. Surgery
  5. TMD/Orofacial Pain
  6. Sleep Apnea

  7. Case Planning & Design
  8. Practice Design & Layout
    1. Form
    2. Function
    3. Ergonomics
    4. Lighting
    5. Equipment